What is HoHoHoH2O™ EZ Christmas Tree Watering System?

HoHoHoH2O™ is an automatic Christmas tree watering device. It features an easy-to-fill water tank, sensor, tube and faux gift package.

How much water does the tank hold?
The water tank features a 2.5 gallon water tank.
Does it work with a range of tree sizes?
Yes, HoHoHoH2O™ can be used with a range of tree sizes and can be fastened to the trunk with the included velcro band.
Where should I place the tube and sensor relative to the base?
The tube and sensor should be placed a few inches about the base, with enough clearance for water to flow freely from the tube.
Will HoHoHoH2O™ look out of place in my living room?
No, the HoHoHoH2O™ features faux gift packaging to keep your tree watered unnoticed.
How will I know to refill the water tank?
HoHoHoH2O™ features a flashing red alert light to remind you to refill the tank. You can flip the alert switch to a sound alert if you prefer.