Glad Tidings HOHOHOH2O™


What is HoHoHoH2O™ EZ Christmas Tree Watering System?       

HoHoHoH2O™ is an automatic Christmas tree watering device. It features an easy-to-fill water tank, sensor, tube and faux gift package. 

How much water does the tank hold? 

The water tank features a 2.5 gallon water tank. 

Does it work with a range of tree sizes?

Yes, HoHoHoH2O™ can be used with a range of tree sizes and can be fastened to the trunk with the included velcro band. 

Where should I place the tube and sensor relative to the base?

The tube and sensor should be placed a few inches above the base, with enough clearance for water to flow freely from the tube.

Will HoHoHoH2O™ look out of place in my living room? 

HoHoHoH2O will blend in perfectly under your tree. HoHoHoH2O comes in two beautifully designed gift wrapped packages (Red/Snowflakes and Silver/Festive).

How will I know to refill the water tank?

HoHoHoH2O™ features a flashing red alert light to remind you to refill the tank. You can flip the alert switch to a sound alert if you prefer.

Can I return my HoHoHoH2O™?

Our return policy is that items can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment.   Please reach out to for return and shipping instructions. In addition, under  Contact can you have listed Corporate Address information: 

Glad Tidings Products, LLC
HoHoHoH2O Automatic Christmas Tree Watering System
500 Lake Cook Road, Suite 350
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(847) 814 6688